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The Flying Comfort

I was sitting in my living room talking with my sister, who was on a visit. Then there came a text message on my cell-phone. It was from a very dear friend of mine, living far away. I understood by the saying in the text that something awful had happened, and that he had got to know it earlier the same day. He was devastated. But he was not able to say what it was really all about. I asked him if he wanted to call me, but he said he couldn’t do it right then. It had to wait. I remember I sent a text saying; “Ok. Then I will just sit here in my chair, thinking of you, hold my arms around you, and be there.” I told my sister about my friends text message, and that something was wrong, but I didn’t know what. Then we continued to talk about other things. After a while I just sort of “fell out” of our talk, when I came in thought of what I in fact had told this guy. I decided that I would have to keep my promise.. What really happened in that moment I still don’t know, but the story is this;

One moment I was sitting in the chair, thinking about my friend, who was in such a bad state. I said to myself I had to be with him. Then I was in the air. I was moving about a meter over the the floor.. and the first thing I did was to move out to my kitchen. Then I saw that my sister was standing with the kitchen desk making some slices of bread for herself. I had not noticed her going out there, and found out it must have been in the moment I start thinking about what I in fact had said to my friend. I was there, behind her for a little while. Mostly wondering why she didn’t notice me. I saw her from behind and above.. amazing. After a little while I decided that I couldn’t use time to tell her about anything, and just had to leave.. so I did. I left my house, and moved over the fjords and hills, as was not really visible, only as shadows under me somewhere. The thing was that I had never visited him where he was living, and I didn’t know where it was.. only the town. But that was never a theme when I started this trip. Obviously I knew after all.

I arrived from south west. And the first thing I saw of his apartment was this big window into his living room. I saw him sitting in there even before I entered the window. It was closed, so I entered through the glass. I saw him sitting in the sofa. I saw the whole living room, and the kitchen part on the right side. I saw the door out in the hall, I saw the colours on the walls, the lamps around, the different lights they gave.. I saw the candle on the table in front of him. I also saw a very special light coming in through the glass-door between living room and the hall. (The door was also opened just a little bit.. like 20 cm.) I reacted especially on the light from out there, because it looked like there was no lamp in the hall that actually was on. But there were still some light coming from somewhere. further inside the hall.. and it came from high up, but Not from the ceiling. The light had also a very special soft-white colour.

It took no time at all to absorb all this information. It happened all in a moment. Then I moved over to my friend. I sat down on my knees in front of him, and took his hands. First in that moment he noticed something was happening. He was looking at me, but I don’t think he saw me.. only had this feeling of comfort. My main exception was that he was unable to cry. He had this “big heavy stone” in his breast, and it had to go. In the same moment I somehow merged with him. I found myself Inside him.. looking out through his eyes.. Its not possible to explain this.. it was incredible. In the next moment I felt all this sorrow and sadness.. as I was about to explode. I understood that it was not my feelings, but his. And I started to cry. It was all horrible. I cried for a long time. Finally I felt it was time to let go. So I moved away from my friend again.. I took a quick look around, then left the same way as I had come.. just letting him be there to breath… And I started on my way back home again.

I noticed I was sitting in my chair, crying. After a couple of minutes I saw my sister sitting in another chair, looking at me. When I met her eyes she said; “So you are back again now.. Where have you been..?” First I thought; This can not be true. It can`t have happened. How can it have happened..? “Then I asked her; “How do you know I’ve been somewhere?”

She said; “ I saw you disappeared all of a sudden. Meaning, not your body, but YOU disappeared.. You were not there at all. I said your name several times, but no reaction. First I became scared. But then I thought: Hey.. this is my sister. You know her. You do not understand what’s happening, but she is all right. Just let her in peace for a while.” So I did. I knew that if it had been anyone else, I would have acted very different.. started to shout, and hit the person to get contact. and maybe even called the doctor. But I knew I shouldn’t. So I decided to go making some food, and just wait. When I came back in again, you were in the same state. I just sat down here, eating my food, watching you. You were very relaxed. Then you started to cry. Silently. I just waited. “

So I told her what I had experienced. I also told her I had been out at the kitchen, watching her.. I told her where she was standing, what she had been doing. And she was totally amazed. She was absolutely sure I couldn’t have been behind her, she after all didn’t see me.. or notice me, but what I told she did, and where she had been standing was correct. Then I told her about the rest of the trip. I told her where I had been, to whom, how it looked like there. What I had been doing. And all both of us could do when I was finished, was to look at each other with this big wonder in our eyes.. and the knowledge that something very special had happened. Nothing more to say………

My friend called me late that night. First thing he asked me was; “What has happened?” I answered; “You tell me.” Then he told me that he had got to know that another friend of him had died suddenly. It was the saddest circumstances, with her and the minor aged kids on holiday abroad. He had been in kind of a shock for a while. Then he just felt this horrible sadness. But he was not able to cry. And he felt it as he was about to be choked. But then later he had felt such a relief.. And he had no idea what had happened…

Then I told him. I told what I had experienced.

I also told him how it all looked. Where he was sitting.. It was all correct. In the end I asked him about that strange light coming in from the hall, but was not In the hall. He said; “But that is exactly how it is.” And he explained. The light was coming from the bathroom, further into the hall. The hall was formed as an L, so its not possible to see the bathroom door from the door into the living room. The light was always on there, in the bathroom, and the door closed. But above the door there is a half way white window, that lets the light out in the hall. And it gives this strange white, soft light that can bee seen from inside living room.”

We were both totally amazed by all this. There was no doubt I had been there. But how it in fact can happen is not to understand. All we could do was to accept it.

Several weeks later I went to visit him for the first time in that apartment. And from the moment he opened the door there, I knew I was as home. I knew this apartment. It felt like it had been waiting for me. Just as I knew the owner had…….. ;-)


There`s no reason for us humans to think we know and understand all the energy that surrounds us.. If we just accept that what ever we say and do have an impact on others.. it would also work for the benefit for ourselves.. We would have to learn.. learn to deal with the shaddows in ourselves, and by that give out only the best of us. Its a lifelong task.. but each day is one step further... ;-)

-own writings-

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